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TG War: Prickly changes
Daimajin sat at the canteen table, sipping orange juice while deep in thought. She and the other leaders had just got back from a tearful farewell with Dogbert. Trying to put it out of her head, she started to consider other issues that needed addressing.
The schoolgirl changes for one thing. As a precaution booze had been banned on the base. Can’t have a bunch of drunken schoolgirls running around when there’s a war on, now can we? Someone told her. As if the tentacles weren’t enough.
“Pah!” She muttered, finishing her juice. Putting down the carton, the schoolgirl sighed and held up her hand. “Another juice over here.”
In awkward, mechanical steps, TGTFLink walked over and put down another carton of orange juice in front of Daimajin, her face still fuming at being held captive. An attack on the MAF base had removed the mind control from her, but nonetheless she was still a Federation prisoner. This was made a hundred times worse by the mechan
:icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 9 26
Kari Skunk TF :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 22 0 Taro TG AP :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 44 7 TG War ID :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 15 0 Flyer Posting :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 6 2 Romulus TG :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 517 30
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Kid BE :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 38 8
TG War: Kid
Daimajin stumbled towards the base entrance, leaning on a pillar for balance. She growled, pushing the door open with her shoulder and moving deeper into the complex.
Put simply, the war hadn’t being going well for her. First, she’d botched an attempt at digging out a spy. Then, she was caught off guard while putting recruits through their paces. Octorber from the SoulShard Catillion had got the drop on her and a team of fresh meat by attacking them on their front doorstep. Finally, she’d been zapped by someone somewhere, and fall face forward into the dirt.
When she was eventually found by a patrol team, she’d spent two days propped up in a corner staring at the inside of a hat when someone decided to use her at a coat rack. It turned out a mercenary had decided to get involved. She’d heard of a few more incidents while standing there dollified, with the same shocked look on her face the entire time.  Several dangerous and
:icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 11 5
Octorber13 TG :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 279 20 Demon Drill Instructor :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 30 9 Rugburn Cowgirl :icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 90 2
TG War: I-Rugburn
Rugburn slowly opened the door, peering into the dark room. It was night, and he had spent the day hiding amongst the Mad Atom Federation’s troops, so he could relay details back to Quarma’s SoulShard Catillion. Maybe their plans for getting a technological advantage, or where high ranking team members would be operating in the next few days. Anything to gain the upper hand. He leaned over the desk and turned on the small lamp before scanning the items on the desk for any easy intel.
“Out late, aren’t we?” The chair at the other end of the desk swivelled round. Sitting comfortably in it was Daimajin, brandishing a TG gun. “Took a long time to catch up with you. How you threw us off the trail for so long I’ve no idea. The Text Colonel himself behind enemy lines.”
“So what next? You going to take me out?” Rugburn said.
“No no. Well, at first I thought about it.” The MAF Drill Instructor shrugged, keeping the gun trained on Rugbu
:icondaimajin17:Daimajin17 38 5


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